How to Wax a Car

how to wax a car

How to Wax a Car

After you’ve washed your auto, you can help ensure the paint is protected by applying a decent wax or other sealant. As when washing, apply a wax just when the auto is cool to the touch. Furthermore, make sure to utilize soft, non-abrasive fabrics and pads. In spite of the fact that waxes come as fluids and pastes, we like fluid waxes on the grounds that they’re less demanding to apply and give a similar insurance.

Car Wax Application

While applying a wax, it’s best to work in one area at any given moment. Apply it in a tight roundabout movement with a perfect instrument cushion or fabric, give it a couple of minutes, and buff it off with a nonabrasive microfiber or terry material towel.

It’s normally most straightforward to wax one segment of the auto at once. Utilize a applicator or microfiber sponge pad to spread a thin layer of wax onto the paint, utilizing little roundabout movements. Give the wax a chance to dry for a couple of minutes, until it’s dim. At that point buff it out with a microfiber towel. MaintainYourRide suggests that you wax your auto each a few months, in light of the fact that the majority of the waxes it tried “demonstrated a huge loss of security inside around five weeks.”

Choosing the Best Car Wax

You’ll locate an extensive variety of items on store racks, and the phrasing—waxes, shines, sealants—can be intimidating. Basically, a wax or polymer sealant is a protectant that is connected over the paint to shield it from soil, grime, bug splats, and other natural components. (Our sponsor MaintainYourRide has a detailed breakdown of the Top 7 Best Car Wax options). For a fresher auto, with paint that is fit as a fiddle, this is all you’ll likely need.

On the off chance that your auto’s paint is somewhat dull and you need to reestablish its sparkle, you can utilize what’s known as a polish.  Polishes utilize a paste containing microabrasives with a fine grating that eliminates a microscopic layer of the paint so as to smooth the surface and help influence a dull complete to look new once more.

best car wax

On the off chance that the auto’s finish is truly dull, oxidized, or defaced by fine scratches or whirl marks, you’ll need to utilize a genuine Rubbing Compound or Cutting Solution before applying the wax. These are defined with various levels of abrasives—from gentle to aggressive to eliminate those scratches and swirl marks in your paint in seconds. You can apply the milder ones by hand, utilizing a touch of elbow grease, albeit any of them will be simpler to apply with a power rotary tool or polisher. All things considered, unless you have experience with a power tools and working with heavy abrasives, leave it to the experts.

Tools for Waxing a Car

Auto wax

Compound (if paint is dull)

Padded Sponge or towel

Buffing towel

Unique needs

Each auto is unique, and you may find that your vehicle needs uncommon consideration in some territory, regardless of whether it’s sprucing up outside trim, settling scratches, reestablishing headlights, or fast ordinary touch-ups. Assuming this is the case, here are a few proposals for items that can offer assistance.


In the event that you see muck developing on your auto’s paint (e.g., feathered creature droppings, bug splats, mud) don’t wait for your regular wash time to clean it. On the off chance that that stuff remains on for a really long time, it can eat into the paint and leave lasting imperfections that can only be fixed with sanding and repainting. Bird poop is exceptionally acidic (pH 3.5 to 4.5). At the point when their droppings fall on your paint, it starts to corrode and scratch the paint’s surface. The longer you leave the bird droppings on the paint, the more prominent the damage. So, it’s best to wipe it off when you see it.

On the off chance that you see gunk developing on your car’s paint, don’t wait for your next regular car wash, WASH IT OFF!

You can just utilize a detailing solution and a towel to clean between washes.  After stopping your car under a tree or phone wire and thinking that its covered in bird crap, a couple of splashes of the detailer and a wipe with a microfiber or terry fabric towel rapidly and effectively wipes it off, leaving a nice deep sparkle.

Other Wax Products

Our Partner, MaintainYourRide has created a bunch of great guides, reviews and comparisons to help you make the best decision for your detailing products.  One of the biggest issues is headlight clouding which can affect your visibility at night.  Their Guide for finding the Best Headlight Restoration Kit is very useful for helping you pick the best of the best.

They also have a Buyer’s Guide for the Best Windshield Washer Fluid that will help you between washes/waxes to keep your windshield clean and clear.  On this same topic, it’s almost pointless to get good washer fluid without a high-quality set of Windshield Wipers.  The Best Windshield Wipers Buyer’s Guide can help you there!

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